R.G.L.S [Ridiculously Good Looking Sudaneen]

Al salamu-3alaikum

So there are many other groups out there like this, but not for Sudanese folks, so I decided to create one.. Here's the deal-- Post your Pic and let other members rate it on a scale of 1-10 in a comment below your picture. The contestant with the most votes will be the cover of the group for about 2 days. Simple as that. Post your pics, and don't be afraid! Oh and btw, don't post your picture if you don't want to be a winner! One day it just might be the default for our group!

Add all of your Sudanese (or even if they're mixed with Sudanese) friends to the group!! The more people we have, the more fun the game gets! :P


YES, WE SAID BE BRAVE. What that especially means is that when you join this group, feel more than free to write on the Wall or comment on people's posts or even open up a topic on the Discussion Board. Give yourself a tour and go check out the Photo Album and the past links and videos posted under "Links" and "Videos". People here are warm, kind and supportive, so don't be afraid to dive into this amazing community. :D


________** F.Y.I **_________

This is the first original Sudanese group on facebook where you rate people. It is also the LARGEST Sudanese group on facebook. So "i7zaro al taqleed". As many more members attempt to imitate this group, this group still remains a major competition to the rest of the knock- offs.