REAL New York Rangers Fans

This group is for REAL New York Rangers fans. The best of the best Rangers fans will be in here and we already have some of the best fans in the world already here!

If you are new in here, let us first extend a warm welcome to the Facebook group for REAL Ranger fans!

There's just a bit you need to know.

This group is only for those who are passionately in love with the New York Rangers and want to discuss our travails - both in sickness and in health. Therefore, any and all trolls will be politely escorted out.

There are only a few rules in here.

1. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Period, end of story. You can disagree all you want (in fact, it’s encouraged - things would get boring quick without some dissent!) but the argument must be advanced rationally and reasonably. Stick to the facts and feel free to express your own subjective opinion on, say. what you think AV should do to fix the PP. But if you call someone who disagrees with you, for example, “stupid”, you will be given one warning and one warning alone. Keep the arguments related to actual discussion.

2. No retail spammers will be tolerated. Go sell your shit somewhere else.

That’s it.
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