Rangers Archive Match Footage

Posting clips of Rangers matches prior to May 2011

Over 500 matches posted so far, all available to view in the Photo & Video section here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Rangersarchivefootage/photos/

I post games from all eras, incl Cup Finals, European and League games.

This group is not a request group per se, however if you are looking for something in particular I will try to help out, here is what to do
1) Look through the videos, more than likely the game you want is already uploaded
2) Message me directly with the request, do not post it on the timeline
3) Be patient, I will get to it as quickly as time allows

This is a closed group, and as such you cannot share the videos on your timeline.

Similarly, if you tag someone who is not a member they will not be able to view the posts or videos.

This is not a place to discuss non-footage topics such as Current Board, religion or Politics, there are plenty of other Forums available for that. Anyone ignoring this will be removed from the group immediately.

Be respectful to other posters, remember we are all linked by the love of our Club.

There are many Ladies and youngsters in the group, so please keep language civil at all times.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.

Most importantly, enjoy the videos and relive the memories of some of the great days in our proud history.