Reading, PA Area Yardsale Group

Welcome! Please take the time to read our rules of conduct before posting. see pinned post for detailed rules

ALL BABY/KIDS items are to be posted on

1) MAINTAIN your photos – ALL photos are deleted after 1 month OR 2 weeks if you do not bump it (unless in an album, then its 3 months) – BUMP your photo every 24 hours max, or at least every few days. Posting it and never bumping it, is why things don’t sell. That’s like putting out 1 job application and expecting 10 interviews. If you have an ALBUM – BUMP your ALBUM not individual photos in it.

*** Please take photos of clothing in “lots” by size/season etc, individual pics are more work for you and for us. Same with DVDs, video games etc, or use the photo collage apps to post 4 pics into 1.

****MOBILE USERS***** and NON album uploaders - We are very mobile user friendly. Here is a link to a youtube tutorial to assist you!LIMIT OF 5 NON album PHOTOS at a time - you can add more once they are sold or use a collage app to make 4 images per pic ! The best way to find your photos that are NOT in an album is to COMMENT on your own post with a unique code, example “LJ508” then when you use the search function, it brings up all of your items. I usually post “Chair LJ508” So the description would say computer chair $10 and the comment would say “Chair LJ508” – The item in the comment also helps BUYERS find your item, if they search CHAIR only comments come up, not posts.

3)You must be willing to MEET someone to buy/sell items – within reason. Please do not expect DELIVERY because you cannot drive…. Meet in a public place at a halfway point. Large items are a different story since they usually require assistance – these are more guidelines than rules, as we will not govern every single sale. I recommend deciding a meeting place via PM – say where you are going to be parked, what car to look for and exchange cell phone numbers. IF you do not have a cell phone – let them KNOW that. If you have to cancel, please do it as far in advance as possible, if you message them 10 minutes before and they are driving 10 mins, its still a no show. We all forget and emergencies happen – if you do no show on someone, PLEASE put yourself in their shoes – Offer to pick it up near their home, offer to sell for less/ pay a few bucks more – be as accommodating as possible. FB messages show if they were clicked to read or not, so don’t just ignore people, that’s rude, it also shows your location so don’t say you were on vacation.

As the BUYER -
4) If you are INTERESTED in an item, please POST “INTERESTED” or Int, etc. Do NOT PM until you have held your place in line