RCFJ Forum & Watchdog Group's Mission Statement

>>>>>>JAMAICA FIRST<<<<<<

This Forum was founded on April 22, 2010 to primarily operate as a WATCHDOG GROUP.

As a WATCHDOG GROUP, RCFJ will take all necessary steps to apply pressure on any existing government of Jamaica, hold Jamaica's elected, appointed, and any other government officials accountable, thereby forcing transparency in the governance of Jamaica. It is our hope, that by meeting in this Discussion Forum on a regular basis, we will be able to posit viable solutions and craft a plan to help EFFECT REAL CHANGE FOR JAMAICA. As a member of RCFJ Forum, you are required to comply with all RCFJ Forum Rules. Please refer to RCFJ Forum Mission Statement and Forum Rules in the posted document titled: "RCFJ Forum Mission Statement & Forum Rules."

DISCLAIMER: This Forum is STRICTLY NON-PARTISAN, reflecting the wide range of views and opinions regarding the state of affairs in Jamaica. The opinions expressed in this Forum do not necessarily reflect the views of the Creator, Founder, and individual Officers and Administrators. However, PLEASE be respectful of each other's points of view, and we STRONGLY encourage you to be mindful of your language while participating in any and all discussions in this Forum.