The R.O.C. Social Lounge by Realtopea

Welcome members of R.O.C Social Lounge or better known as Real O...rganized Conversation. The group Falls under the Realtopea Brand. This group is intended to promote positive, fun, and mature conversations among its members.

We hope you enjoy this group, but there are some simple rules that all must follow to keep this group enjoyable and respectable.

1. You must be 21 or older to join this group, but content is on a 30 and older level so we ask any and everyone be mindful of this. The moderators intent is to create a fun environment to meet new people and network…..enjoy the group.

2. No promotions of any kind. You can promote for free at on our main page without question

3. No disrespecting other members and their opinion. Keep it respectable at all times.

4. No nude photos or memes.

5. No name calling or use of the words nigga, hoes, pu**sy, dick, bitch and fuck without discretion (especially at the meme or post) . If these words are used to attack a member, your post will be deleted and you'll be issued a warning.

6. Absolutely no fight videos, sex videos, or videos that exploit children.

7. There will be no blocking admins. If you have a complaint please contact group TWO LEAD ADMIN.

We also reserve the right to delete any files the group finds to be offensive or distasteful even if it doesn't violate any of our rules.

Any violations of these rules will warrant a private inbox warning. If it happens again you will be removed.

If you have any problems please contact one your group administrators.

Please enter and enjoy. Download the app at (Realtopea World)

Go to setting and change notifications and also go to a group post and click unfollow group so you do not see messages unless you log into group





Contact REALTOPEA management team at

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