Red Fox Zimbabwe Family

Greetings family. I would like to welcome you to The Red Fox Zimbabwe Family Group. This is a platform where we can share and exchange views and ideas with each other. The Red Fox Chase Hotel, Zimbabwe is an antique boutique hotel situated in the suburb of Greendale, in Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa. The hotel is situated 6km from Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare. The hotel consists of 17 rooms all ensuite which are currently being upgraded to meet international standards. The Red Fox Chase Hotel, Zimbabwe is also home to Foxy’s Bar & Grill, a night club which has emerged as the leading entertainment venue in Zimbabwe. The club is a predominantly reggae club that is considered the home of renowned Zimbabwean reggae acts namely; Mic Inity & Red Radicals Band, Legendary Sound, Judgement Yard Sound & Red Fox Sound Int. just to name a few. The night club opens out into a courtyard where quick snack meals are served. Foxy’s restaurant and kitchen are currently under renovation to upgrade into a 5 star Caribbean themed restaurant.

Other available amenities available are a pub for the mature and laid back. Another bar equipped with a pool table, for pool enthusiasts. Full bouquet compliment of DSTV channels for news, sports & entertainment. There are also outdoor patios for a breath of fresh air and refreshments.

The growth of Foxy’s Bar & Grill has extended outside our borders and beyond, where Zimbabweans are based. Given the growth that has been experienced, the company has seen it fit to develop franchises across Africa and beyond. Targeted countries will initially be around the Southern Africa region then across to Central, East Africa region, Europe and then the Americas. The club’s vision is to be the heart of Caribbean – Zimbabwean – African entertainment.

The Red Fox Hotel, has come a long way and we would not have been where we are without your support. To us you are family and we hope we can also be your family. Please feel free to add your voice in our initiatives. Our core values as Red Fox Zimbabwe Family are One Love, Peace and Unity.

On our website you will find our past and forth coming events and mixtapes of live recordings done at the Red Fox Hotel and other promotional works in the offing. Feel free to network amongst yourselves as Family and to exchange news, music and anything artistic.

Blessed Love and Jah Blessings See More