Rideshare Ontario

Welcome to Rideshare Ontario! The goal of this board is to creat...e a community of passengers and drivers in order to make travel around our province easier. This is a great board for Ontario residents and visitors. Currently this page is expanding to better serve its users, so invite your friends!


Click the magnifying glass in the upper right corner, under the photos.

If you have any questions, please email Rideshare dot Ontario at Gmail dot com. You can also send me a private FB message or post your question on the page. Je peux repondre aux questions en français aussi. Puedo responder a las preguntas en español también.

When you post, please include:
Ride Offered/Ride Needed
Pick up and drop off points
Date & time
# seats
Other relevant info (Intermediary/overnight stops, etc.)
Contact info (if you don't check your FB messages often, please include other contact info.)

Example: Ride offered, July 20-21. Sherbrooke, QC to Thunder Bay, ON, 7 am depart. One seat available. Can pick up/drop off in Montreal, Ottawa, North Bay, Sudbury, the Soo, and on demand. Overnight in Sudbury. Private message for more information.

Rideshare page policy: This group is inclusive of members regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, race, or ability. Abusive language will never be tolerated and will always result in the post and user being removed from the group. Any post not focused on rideshares or community will be deleted and the person who posts will be removed from the group.

Message from admin:
Ontario has been in need of a good rideshare board for a long time and I hope that this page can expand and help fill that need. Beginning this week, I'll be taking steps to increase the membership for this page and make the group more relevant and useful. Since other provinces currently have exceptional rideshare sites and services, I'll be speaking to the admins of those pages to see how we can best use this page. I'll also be advertising this page on other rideshare boards to expand membership.

Rideshares are great for passengers and drivers--I love having company who can keep me alert and entertained on my regular Thunder Bay-Toronto drive. It will take effort to expand this page, but let's do this to create a great resource for everyone living in Ontario!

Happy travels,
Caroline Cox