RTHA (Members Only)

Welcome to the River Trails Homeowners' Association (RTHA) MEMBE...RS ONLY FB group. RTHA is a neighborhood Assoc. owned and operated by volunteer residents of our community. It is open for membership to all residents of River Trails whether they rent or own their home. The membership dues are $25.00 per year payable each September 1st. These dues are used for various neighborhood events, maintenance and other neighborhood related projects.

Our non-member FB page was so popular and offered so much useful info that it started to become overrun by individuals outside of our neighborhood boundaries and membership. In an effort to keep our community tight and promote better welfare and community cohesiveness, we created this group for those residents that found value in their HOA and are committed to protecting one of their largest investments....their HOMES!

RTHA has built a reputation as an organization that gets involved when there are issues that affect our neighborhood. Developers and City Officials consult with our officers regularly when new situations arise. Additionally, RTHA is proud to be one of the founders and current members of a successful Eastside alliance of neighborhoods and businesses known as THE HISTORICAL RANDOL MILL VALLEY ALLIANCE a.k.a., THRMVA.

If you are a member of RTHA, we APPRECIATE GREATLY your membership! Please simply request to be added to the group. Once your active membership is confirmed, an admin will approve you. If you are not a member, but would like to become one, we will GLADLY accept your membership. Please email us at membership@rtha.org with your interest and we'll tell you all the ways to pay so you can join your neighbors in the group right away!