Rochdale Pubs - Past and Present

This is a group dedicated to preserving the memory of pubs from the past, and also celebrating the surviving pubs we have today.

The focus will be on memories, story's, photographs of pubs within the Rochdale MBC area, this included Heywood, Middleton, as well as the Historic boundaries of Todmorden and Whitworth.

Over the last month I have mapped almost 400 pubs in the borough from historic maps dating from the early 1800's through to the present. Some pubs may have changed names over the years, and even been rebuilt!

I myself have only been using pubs since around 1984, and over that time have seen many confined to the dust, as I research the pubs it's evident how little information there is online, and I hope to compile the information gathered from this group into documents that can be preserved and used for future pub historians.

For any current publicans joining the group, we would love to hear about your pub and what you offer, but what we don't want is a constant stream of events clogging the page.

Please be respectful of others, and keep on subject!

Also if you post a photograph, please say where you got it from it's always good to acknowledge the original owner and often there is information on the site it came from!