Royal Tongan Dynasties/Nobles Forum

Greeting to all New and Old Members,

Introducing the Rules and Purposes of this Royal and Noble Forum.This group was created with purposes to Learn our History and Culture of our mother land the Kingdom of Tonga. And to Honor and Respect our Tongan Royalties / Nobles and its Monarchy.

If you enter this forum please show your respect and honor our Tongan Royals and Nobles by using proper royal languages,in a respectful and professional manner.

The Tongan word MOLUMALU means RESPECT,you must wear it at all time in this Forum. We strongly advise that everyone keep the MOLUMALU and RESPECT because some of our Royals and Nobles are members of this Forum. Because of this we will deleted all fake page and no profile page from this group. So please keep it real and together and save your non sense for another group.

If you are 1%, 100% or Commoners we welcome you to this Royal Forum. All members are allow to post Royal and Noble Photos History,News and Cultures Events etc. All members must used proper royal languages in Tongan if not please speak in English in a respectful way.

There will be no advertising allowed in this Royal and Noble Forum.All post will be deleted and if you keep reposting it,you will be blocked and deleted from this group.

All posts must be related to the Tongan Monarchy Government, to the Royal and Nobles History and our Tongan Culture,including photos, history,news and videos etc. Any other post will be deleted and everyone must obey these rules at all times while entering our Royal Forum.

You are also allow to conduct a discussion or debate relating to " THE TONGAN ROYAL MONARCHY and ITS GOVERNMENT " Its History and Culture, poem,poetry and songs are allowed if its related to our Royal, Nobles or our Culture, and it must be conducted in a respectful and professional manners.

You will be deleted and blocked if you disrespect our Royal and Noble Forum. We are not here to compete who is closer to the Royal or Noble Families, we are here to learn, discuss and share our Tongan Royal and Noble History. Some of our children overseas are lack of information on our Tongan Culture and History,this Forum will help you feel closer to your Roots.

Leave your Envy and Jealousy outside the door this is not the place and the forum for you to showcase your ignorance and stupidity. What ever blood lineage you are born into to whether its Royal, Noble or Commoner be proud of it and enjoy our Forum.

On behalf of Royal Tongan Dynasties/Nobles we would like to thank you for joining our Forum and feel free to add new members and post pictures ,information or news relating to our Royal Dynasties,Nobles,Monarchy Govt. and our Tongan Culture.

Malo Aupito,
Ofa lahi atu