Runcorn photographic Society

The Runcorn Photographic Society is a friendly group of people of all ages and abilities from beginner to professional who have a common interest in photography. We intend to start meeting once a fortnight on field trips in and around Runcorn and when we have enough active members we may start hiring a hall and models.

Our abilities span all levels, from beginner to professional.

Our meetings will include competitions, outings and presentations given by both visiting speakers and our own members.

To see work by our members and receive news of our activities in your timeline, click to 'Like' our Facebook page.
New members are always very welcome, whether just taking up photography, or wanting to find likeminded people to bounce ideas off.

All ages are welcome to join and go on group field trips As long as children are accompanied by their parent or responsible adult for any field trips we arrange then there shouldn't be a problem. Of cause if in the future we hire a nude/semi-nude model then the age limit for that would be 18.

And remember it doesn't have to be a photograph of Runcorn it can be of anything, anywhere in the world but it does have to be one that YOU have taken.
All images on this website remain the copyright of the photographers and may not be copied without their written permission.
Those who have technical knowhow should help those who may need it but keep any comments constructive
to help improve the picture and remember pictures don't have to be brilliant so feel free to post an image asking for help to improve it. Images can be reposted with improvements based on suggestions made but post them on the same timeline as the original post and describe any changes you made.
The consensus from members is to be keeping our group informal for now with no elected committee, so it's basically just like minded people who meet up to take photographs and chat about technical aspects of the art.

A few basic rules:

If posting 2 or more images at once can we please post them as an Album and not individual photos as it just fills the whole timeline up.

Don't post any adds for your business however watermarks are allowed but don't make them cover most of the image or its pointless posting it if we can't see the image if its hidden behind a massive "JOE BLOGGS PHOTOGRAPHY"

Feel free to post your own add if you would like to sell used/second hand camera equipment to members but if its perceived that you are doing this as a business and not just selling your personal gear then adds will be removed and you may be banned.

As with any Facebook group don't post bad language as this is a family group for all ages.
Any bullying, Trolls or bad behaviour of any kind will result in a ban.

Once we start arranging meetings/field trips this Facebook group will be made "PRIVATE" and only members will be able to see our posts.

These rules may be changed at any time without notice.