The Cameroon American Council is 'RUSHing...for AIDA!!!'

"Dear RUSH-ers This is a rally to support a milestone legislation introduced by Congressman Bobby L. Rush called AIDA (A-EE-DA) "THE AFRICAN INVESTMENT AND DIASPORA ACT" In one hand African countries possess great pent-up consumer demand and untapped human and natural resources, possess some of the world's fastest growing economies. On the other hand, the African Diaspora constitutes growing economic forces for the U.S economy, including African immigrants in North America with the highest level of education compared to other immigrant populations. “Given the high level of expertise among African immigrants and the entire Diaspora, mobilizing a small fraction of these capacities would provide a significant contribution to the development efforts in African and turn the “brain- drain” issue into what I will call “brain flow”.” AIDA places the U.S. African Diaspora community in a position to better strengthen U.S.- Africa relations and help advance socio-economic development, a prerequisite for true freedom and democracy, creating a win –win continents"

1000 strong in 24hours!!! Can we do that???? We have done it!
Now, Can we reach 10,000 people to sign up on our 'RUSHing for AIDA' group?? Let's be engaged...let's tell Congress that Africa can be an investment, Africa can be a business partner..not just a charity case! Are you RUSHing for AIDA?
AIDA-African Investment and Diaspora Act was introduced by Congressman Bobby Rush of Chicago last year. With 10,000 supporters we can tell Congressman Rush that we have his back, and that he can re-introduce the bill this year. AIDA is also known as HR 6535.
Are you RUSHing for AIDA?

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