Russian Breastfeeding Mamas

Hi BF mama's. Thank you so much for joining. I feel it's extremely necessary to have a group that focuses entirely on bf, since issues, questions, and achievements can happen all throughout the nursing experience- whether it be newborn or toddler. A closed personal forum like this is optimal b/c sometimes we just don't want to talk about our nipples and leaks on group that has 5k+ members ( and men) :) Please help me spread the word about this page. I am blocked from doing this in some "other" groups I will not mention-but you are not. Also, tell your friends. Let 's grow in numbers b/c not every mom does the same thing and not everyone has the same issues but with enough members we can get this group to be a trusted source throughout our nursing weeks, months or yrs- which let's face it- is a beautiful experience you and your child share for a lifetime. Thanks!