Rwandans in New York/New Jersey/ & Connecticut

To all potential members, neighbors, and friends:
A quick Facebook search will reveal to you that there's another Facebook group whose name is very close to ours. Here’s the difference:
Ours is a platform that lets Rwandans discuss issues currently facing our country; theirs is a platform that sells nothing but Kagame's agenda and propaganda (this is their hidden agenda, beware). Theirs is a group believes that Kagame's circle has a monopoly over interpreting Rwandan history, that Kagame has a monopoly to write about Rwandan ethnic heritage through his media outlets.
The other group claims in the official statutes of their organization that they do not get involved with political engagements. But over the past several months I have noticed the following (among others):
1. They pretend that their main goal is to organize social events. However, they only organize events when there's some official from Kagame's regime who will always pronounce a speech and help propagate Kagame's political agenda.
2. When foreign aid was suspended/cancelled due to Kagame's tragic involvement in neighboring DRC, that group has bent backward to raise funds for Kagame's Agaciro funds.
3. The group has been working hard to mobilize the community asking them to join events such as Kagame's famous "Rwanda day", functions to commemorate the genocide "against Tutsi", RPF's “liberation day”, etc.
4. Very recently, the group circulated a petition among its members, aimed at publicly condemning Kikwete for advising Kagame's regime to negotiate with FDLR.
As you can see for yourself, if the above does not constitute political engagement, I don't know what does. As some fellows and I noticed that the other group's TRUE (but hidden) agenda was to serve as Kagame's mouthpiece, we started questioning things such as -- why would Kagame start dividing Rwandans again by asking innocent Hutus to apologize for sins they have not committed - the other group's decision makers did everything they could to discourage any such discussion around this topic. When their efforts failed and more and more constructive comments started pouring in on the subject, they kicked us out of the other group. That is because they think they have monopoly over freedom of speech on Rwanda issues. We extended out hand respectfully and they rejected even a handshake. Instead, they slapped the door in our face. They cannot carry on an honest discussion.

We then decided that we live here also, and that we have the right to have a forum of our own. They do not hold a monopoly over Facebook, thank god. Let's debate in mutual respect. Let's meet up from time to time. Let's share our joyous moments and our sad moments; let's comfort one another, that's what friends are for. Let's live our lives in a way that benefits all of us as Rwandans, not just some of us. Let's not repeat the other group's mistakes: i.e., let's not fool ourselves into believing that we are superior and other fellow Rwandans are inferior.