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Here are the steps to successfully hand all incompetent judges in the Family Court system of Florida a Pink Slip:

Identify the incompetent judge (s) by name, or you can find some of these Judges here: The Shame List.
Prepare a petition form such as this: http://newjudge.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Pink-Slip-Project-signature-form.pdf (click for .doc format), and download and print an explanation page of the project here: http://newjudge.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/The-Pink-Slip-Project.pdf.
Get your family and others who have been negatively affected by the incompetence of these Judges to help you get the 10% of signatures needed in your district. These coming elections, for instance, would be a great opportunity to get many signatures.
Tell your testimony to others and how this has negatively affected the children involved. We must emphasize that the ones suffering the most are our children, and that it is our obligation as adults to protect them, and that is exactly what you are doing there requesting someone’s signature. It’s all about our children. They should not have to pay for the incompetence of these Judges. Remember that Judges are non-partisan, so you should be able to get support both sides of the isle.
Once 10% is reached, file all the signed petitions with the custodian of state records. Be ready with additional signatures since some of the signatures may be contested or questioned, so let us not give them an excuse. Note: This will get the incompetent judge(s) to the ballot where the people will have the opportunity to vote them out, so you will need to keep the pressure on until he/she is gone.
Probably in parallel with the petitions or soon thereafter, put adds in news papers with job listings searching for Judges who meet circuit court qualifications and who are willing to serve in these vacancies, and support the best candidates to appear on the ballot once incompetent Judges have been fired. If not, the existing Governor at that time may be able to prospectively fill vacancies if a Judge is not retained.
Circuit Court Qualifications:
1. Elector and resident of the circuit upon taking office.
2. Must be a member of the Florida Bar for the preceding five years.
3. No judge shall serve after attaining the age of seventy years except upon temporary assignment or to complete a term, one-half of which has been served.

Important links:

1. See Senate Joint Resolution 1188 to prospectively fill vacancies if a judge is not retained: http://election.dos.state.fl.us/initiatives/fulltext/pdf/10-91.pdf.

2. Q&A about Florida judges and judicial elections: