Jefferson County for Bernie Sanders

Facebook and other social media are an important part of the Ber...nie Sanders campaign. It is a central meeting hub for volunteers and is a means of free publicity. This group is designed for volunteers who want to move their dedication from Facebook into the community. This campaign is not possible without volunteers willing to give their time, energy, and enthusiasm. Our mission is to inform people about Bernie, get them registered to vote, and then make sure they are at the polls.

Check out our Events to see how YOU can get involved!

Do's and Don'ts

1. DO- Make as many new friends as possible and invite them to the Southeast Texans for Bernie Sanders page.

2. DO- Share Bernie Sanders info with all of your current friends and family. This is the heart of the grassroots movement.

3. DO- Ask them to join Southeast Texans for Bernie Sanders Volunteers group.

4. DON'T get in involved in ideological banter with people, but do know the definition of terms (i.e. what socialism means and communism means and what the differences are)

5. DO- Only use factual information you can back up. No bogus information. is a great website to use.

6. DON'T resort to name calling or use of abusive language. If there is a confrontation, private message each other. Don't broadcast it to others. Tag an admin in the post, if needed.

7. Don't block Admins. This is grounds for immediate removal from the group. Admins are Amber Crowe, Monika Williams, Michael Sykes, Nicole Landry, Aron Duhoon, and G Dillon Richardson.

Your Leadership Team

Aron Duhoon
G Dillon Nicholson
David Ball
Gavin Bruney