SEYN - Sustainable Energy Youth Network

SEYN is a network of young people creating a future based on su...stainable energy through a social and cooperative approach. For us energy, is not just kilowatt-hours, but an important resource for socio-economic development to promote and fuel social equality, combat poverty, help build resilient communities and provide an opportunity for independence.

We promote a holistic approach towards energy, combining the social aspects and impacts, the environmental respect, the decision making based on direct democratic processes and its connection towards a truly sustainable lifestyle which includes housing, food, mobility, water, human and animal rights, culture, care, education and of course energy itself.

SEYN is a platform of young people interacting and collaborating, exchanging experiences, information, best practice, know how, learning and educating, finding experts and partners, connecting with other young people in order to realise their projects at a community level, create jobs and functioning links between them beyond borders and other physical limitations.

Through training, mentoring, knowledge sharing, project development and a variety of tools and practices SEYN will bridge the gap between society, active citizen participation and ownership, community organisers and engineers, young students and professionals while reviving the cooperative spirit and values through project development in Europe and beyond.

Solidarity between members should define SEYN activities and set a base for the promotions of its actions and relations with communities.

Cooperation is a key word and practice to strengthen since we firmly believe that in these hard times for economy and society a new paradigm is needed more than ever.

SEYN aims to find and apply solutions to current and future energy challenges by giving a voice and space to young people, build their confidence, foster skills truly needed by the global community changes . Through SEYN young people are able to connect with ongoing sustainability projects, find project ‘mentors’, develop and implement new ideas. As such SEYN offers concrete possibilities and tools for young people to act towards the urgently needed energy transition.

Therefore SEYN focuses on
young people ready to set up their own independent lives
a cooperative and collaborative approach whereby people collectively take their lives in their own hands
providing basic and most important needs for Earth inhabitant’s using the fruits of the nature: organic food, renewable energy and materials we can grow, that during their useful lives constitute a verifiable sink for CO2
promote and facilitate the transition towards a 100% renewable energy system
innovative approaches related to the technology development