Security Officers Brotherhood

The Security Officer’s Brotherhood started out as a simple Facebook group, but we are striving to become more. We are working on nonprofit status currently. Our larger goals are to affect legislative change to better our profession, establish professional honor guard services for fallen officers, provide bereavement services in the form of Chaplains, and much more. We get closer to our goals every day, and we thank you for being a part of it! This Facebook group is a place where officers can come, in a closed to the public group, and talk about work, let off steam, get advice, etc. We hope you enjoy it.

As an organization Security Officer’s Brotherhood supports the industry shift from the Thin Yellow Line to the Thin Green Line. Security Officer’s put their lives on the line daily, and should share our mourning color with no one. We are not police officers, in most states, but we are older than public policing, and are it’s origin, and as such we preform similar job tasks. We will never use the Thin Blue Line out of respect for the separation of the two professions. We should strive to have pride in ourselves as Security Officer’s. We are the first line in the protection of life and property. We are the Thin Green Line.

Our rules are simple:

1. If you block an admin in this group you will be permanently banned no questions asked.
Your page admins are: John-Michael Gillaspy, Geoff Squyers, Dennis Erickson, Chief- Steven Royce, and Samuel Thorp.

2. We are professionals profanity is not prohibited, but please keep it within reason. Stay away from personal insults to facilitate constructive conversations and debate.

3. Gear trading and sales are fine. Please no sales or trades of weapons. No guns or knives.

4. No LEO bashing in this group it will not be tolerated

5. If you are going to ask a legal question please include the state you are licensed in. This is will help to cut out the bad advice given from officers of other states. Laws are very different state to state and we want to make sure officers get the best information available to them. On the same token please refrain from answering a question if you are unsure or just think you know the answer. Please have verifiable proof in other words.

6. Please seek permission before using our name/logo in any way. We are in the process of becoming a non profit, and will let everyone know as soon as it becomes official.

7. We reserve the right to remove any member with little to no warning. We want everyone to stay in the group but personal attacks, violations of the above rules, etc. will quickly get you removed from the group.

8. Rules may be changed at any time, while every effort to make changes publicly known, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself periodically with the rules of the group.