~ Sacred Circle Alchemy

This is an advanced group of seekers aimed at achieving higher l...evels of conscious awareness through the practical application of various esoteric practices. If you are not interested in the practical application of high level esoteric wisdom there's a good chance this group might not be for you.

In this sense, the mystical path must represent deliberate heresy against the dominant culture of the practitioner (whatever that culture may be), a breaking of sleepwalking orthodoxy in favor of a fully conscious state of wide awake being which asks very difficult questions most of which will be considered offensive to blind orthodoxy. If you are of the sensitive, close-minded nature you will probably be offended by the content here; this group is for open minded individuals capable of respecting the ideals and beliefs of everyone.

The mystic path of initiation cannot be limited to a merely intellectual break away from the herd-animal man, this progress must be of deeds, physical, emotional and mental actions which seek to impose changes on the practitioner, expansion of the ego identity limited to the 5 sense reality.

So leave your ego at the door please.

It is not only what the seeker thinks that situates him or her in the divine current; it is what he or she does. The true path is a way of action, not only intellectual contemplation, or worse yet,
reading about action.

Although this group discusses advanced Kabbalah, Alchemy, Yoga, Taoism, etc it is not limited to one process - it is open to them all. The members of this group share experiences and applications with each other as a kind of moving laboratory, a stew of practical ingredients which allows the initiate to choose from a wide variety of individual perspectives.

Members of this group are typically seeking forms of meditation for the cultivation of Shakti force (Kundalini) in a safe and natural way, although other forms of spiritual practice like devotion, contemplation and service toward Divinity is also heavily explored.

In conclusion, It doesn't matter what religion you observe or what traditions you follow, this group is only for the application of spiritual action for the purposes of increased health, vitality, clarity, expanded consciousness and spiritual revelation and awareness.

Be respectful to our family here please and most of all enjoy yourself. <3