Sam - A Senior Dog's Rescue

New Members Please Read. Sam was rescued from the Carson Shelte...r in Gardena, CA on Sunday, January 10, 2016.

Although originally, Sam was to be adopted by a wonderful woman in Minnesota, Sam had other plans.

After an unplanned 'freedom run' that culminated in his safe capture Tuesday afternoon, January 12, 2016, Sam decided to stay in California with Bob / John Thompson and family, who have Angels Bark Dog Rescue. Thanks so much to everyone involved with the search and especially to everyone with 2nd Chances Rescue who were so active and dedicated.

Follow Sam's progress and cheer him on as he makes progress each day with the help of all the family of Angels Bark Dog Rescue.

Please do not post links for other dogs in shelters. There are thousands of dogs in shelters across the United States that need rescuing daily and we wish that we could help all of them. But if only half of the members posted just one listing for another dog, then this group would become overwhelmed with shelter posts. I'm sorry :(

Posts for Shelter dogs in the LA area may be posted to Angels Bark's Rescue Friends.

ANY rants or personal agenda against any individuals will result in the poster being REMOVED from the group and banned. Any FOUL PROFANITY OR ARGUMENTS will also result in the individuals being REMOVED from the group.

We understand that there is a great deal of passion regarding Sam but this group is to be PROACTIVE and SUPPORTIVE not controversial and detrimental to Sam' welfare.

Thank you so much to everyone for assisting to find this boy.

Angels Bark Dog Rescue