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8/1/16 Update

Re: Clinton or Stein po...sts. We are ok with them as long as they are polite. Please do not ridicule each other in the middle of the challenging progression we have in front of us as Sanders supporters now. It is a compromise for everyone, and just because someone chooses differently than you have, does not mean they have betrayed humanity, etc etc. So be nice, and talk amongst yourselves. Healthy debate and discussion is encouraged.

No bullying or harassing anyone on this page. If someone asks you to stop the conversation, you must stop. This is a zero tolerance policy

This is a Berniecentric page, focusing on the Our Revolution campaign and the progressive agenda, as well as local events and actions in the Savannah, GA area.

No spamming, posting multiple times within 24hrs without providing a summary or intro to article etc., shows you're sharing without much thoughtfulness.

No duplicate posts, a quick scroll of feed will show current posts.

No meme posts. Use of memes in comments section is fine, keep them fun or informative in nature rather than bashing please.

Posting ideas for events are encouraged, ask for help from ORSP community if you need it. Please take ownership of your ideas and take initiative to create event and recruit co-organizers.

We enjoy the vibrancy of this group and appreciate your valued contributions to our community.

If any of you have joined and have been following our group events, but have been unsure how to contribute, post a message on this group page! Introduce yourself!

Welcome to everyone who is just joining and thank you to EVERYONE, in and out of the Savannah area who have joined and are ready to help Progressive candidates and legislation!

We're on Twitter and Instagram! Visit us at @SAVforBernie

Tag us in any of your Bernie/Progressive candidate/Progressive actions photos!

Find us on gmail at SAVforBernie@gmail

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