SwissIndo Romania

SwissIndo is a trust account holding collateral that those who h...ave controlled us now want to utilize in order to square their debt to humanity. They want to give it to us in order to clear their ledger.

We, as limitless value Heirs of Creation, have no true need for their collateral, as all debt is fictitious and human energy has always been the collateral backing all value systems.

Our ultimate mission is to navigate smoothly from economic, political, and social slavery to individual sovereignty and absolute freedom for each individual on Earth.

It is the way to emotional freedom as well as individual sovereignty.We are likely participants in a revolutionary moment that is universal in scope and scale. If so, then this is an entirely new kind of revolution. We are waging peace.

If we wage peace properly, an old and bloody order will give way without a shot being fired. As he describes it in his own writing, Mr. Sino A.S., (known as M-1 and authorized signatory to the trust accounts) seeks to turn the existing understanding of the so called ‘New World Order’ inside out, in order to repurpose it for service to humanity.

The plan is to provide the financial means for every human being to live in debt-free abundance.

The immediate goals are to;
1. Implement SwissIndo Payments 1-11
2. Transition to Natural Law
3. Introduce organic healing technologies, free energy and natural infrastructure.

As a government agency or official or financial instutution, to accept payments 1-11, please complete the form “SwissIndo Letter to World Leaders” and send it to the following email address – sino.as_sugihartono[at]

Feel free to contact us for further confidential discussion.