SoftWash UK Support

1) BE NICE rudeness, disrespect will not be tolerate...d
2) DO NOT GET PERSONAL we do not identify wrong doers, bully people or give information that would lead to an individual or business being easily identified for wrong doing.
3) DO NOT GOSSIP about people or happenings. This can lead to misinformation and cause detriment to individuals and businesses and is unprofessional. If you feel members need to know something then please post the information but make sure it includes only the facts, not hearsay and assumptions.
4) DO NOT SWEAR at members or remove letters from swear words and replace with symbols. This is disrespectful and unnecessary.
5) DO NOT POST PHOTOGRAPHS of people without their permission. It is your responsibility to obtain that permission and if complaints are received stating that photographs have been posted without permission then those photographs will be removed. This also applies to the posting of images/videos from business websites.
6) DO NOT ENGAGE in political campaigning or evangelising.
7) DO NOT post product or service adverts in the group chat timeline WITHOUT Admin approval. Suppliers who are members must not product place comments unless specifically asked a question about their product within the topic thread.
8) ABUSE TOWARDS ADMIN based on who they are or actions they have taken will result in removal of the group member responsible.
Remember the goal is to create a reliable, friendly source of information away from many other internet resources that are full of negativity and disrespect which causes an unwelcoming atmosphere and hence we will not allow ego driven comments spoiling the threads.
Your questions are welcomed and engagement in discussions through logic and reason, discussing the pros and cons of anything mentioned here in a polite manner are encouraged. Most importantly respect each other’s views and opinions and when necessary always just agree to disagree.
P.S. If you want to do yourself a favour, always avoid strongly opinionated internet debates because they can be very stressful. By debating on the internet you end up wasting precious time that you could have used more productively.