EngSoc Freshers: University of Southampton English Freshers 2014

Hello and welcome to the University of Southampton English Freshers’ Facebook group for 2014/15!

First of all... CONGRATULATIONS for getting your place on the Southampton English course, you clever beavers!! We cannot wait to see you all in September :)

This group is for you all to meet each other, chat about your modules, tutors, and the general stresses and pleasures of being an English Fresher at Southampton!

EngSoc, the English Society, exists to create a community amongst all those studying (or interested in!) English at Southampton –we look after the 'social' side of your English degree! Through this Facebook group we'll be creating events, keeping in touch, and letting you know about important/exciting things happening in EngSoc – like our nights out, trips to the theatre, custom EngSoc hoodies, sports, Winter Ball, book sales, and our annual trip abroad!

The 2014-15 EngSoc Committee members and their roles are:
President: Jade Unwin
Vice-President: Jess Emery
Secretary: Chanjot Sandhi
Social Sec: Helen Archer
Events Sec: Connie Suggit
Communications Officer: Natashah Wilson
Welfare Officer: Francesca Rock
Sports Sec: Beth Holehouse

If you've got any problems or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Committee via their Facebook (they will be popping up a lot on this page answering questions so shouldn't be too hard to find), e-mail engsoc@soton.ac.uk, or post in this group! Remember there’s also the EngSoc website and main Facebook group: