South Asian Dance Choreographers

As artists although we may create in solitude, we also thrive cr...eatively by having the support of those who understand us the best. This is why it’s important to find those kindred creative spirits to share our hopes, our struggles, our dreams, our fears, as well as our triumphs. It is important to find our community – those who will support and nurture us along the way

This group is a laboratory environment to collaboration and creativity for choreographers, we're more than just dancers, we're artists.

It would be beautiful to see choreographer from different academy’s work together. It would give choreographers a chance to teach, perform and choreograph, while learning from each other to value diversity and incorporate all elements of dance, fusing them together in an effort to bring new and exciting dance compositions to life.

Collaboration is absolutely vital to the south asian dance landscape. We need more artists willing to work together and create piece that succeeded in pushing the boundaries of south asian dance.

This groups intensive’s mission is to provide a collaborative circle, an ensemble of artists who shared a vision to explore the ability to “create, inspire, learn, and grow together ”