Official University of Southampton Freshers 2013/14

Welcome to the OFFICIAL University of Southampton Freshers' Group for 2013

SUSU is the Students’ Union for the University of Southampton, where every student is a member from the day you arrive… without costing you a penny. We represent every student at the University to enrich your lives and unlock your potential, with events, student groups and activities, campaigning and lobbying for your rights, and so much more.

This group is a place for you to meet the thousands of other students who might be coming to Southampton this year, so feel free to ask questions about anything from your course, to a sport you want to take part in here, to your accommodation.

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(also make sure that you like the Official University of Southampton page -

Feel free to start checking out the wide variety of student activities that you can take part in:

If you're interested in finding out more about the various halls of accommodation in Southampton - join the relevant group

All SUSU activities and groups are welcome to post their links here, but please try to avoid excessive self-promotion or posts may be removed. Commercial/external advertising is not allowed – all such posts will be deleted and users removed.