Kathmandu Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur Nepal)

Kathmandu Spurs (aka Tottenham Hotspur Nepal)- The home of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club's fan in Nepal.

Tottenham Nepal was founded with a vision to unite all Nepalese fans from Nepal. The main target of this group is to unite all the Yids out there in our country and make ourselves show the presence in Nepal too.

To Fellow YIDs, asking for an add request in the Group :
1. Join, ONLY if you are a passionate fan.
2. Please do make your Profile info Visible, which will enable the Admins to check through your profile and ensure you are a Spurs Supporter. The add request will be rejected if the Info section is not visible. To be more precise, the Sports/ Favorite Sports team section must be VISIBLE.
3. If the Info section is unclear, the Admins may send you a message before adding or rejecting you.
4. If your request hasn't been accepted (for a long time) , please Message the Admins about the problem and it will be assessed As soon As possible.

To newer Members :
1. Please monitor the Group before you actively start posting and sharing the information you have about Spurs.
2. Please co-operate the Admins and other members, respect their decision, respect their Views and make sure you are not using words which might ignite unnecessary problems among the members.
3. Please abide by the rules, no one in the group is superior, new or old, admins or not, we all are equal. We all have rights to support the visions we like, and criticize the visions we do not like.
4. If you face a certain problem, kindly address the matter to any of the admins before making it Public. We, admins, will try to solve it ASAP. Personal matters are not to be discussed in the group wall. (only if it is not related with the group, some lines are considered well)
5. If you want to add someone who you know is a Spurs fan, make sure to ask him / her about making his / her info section Visible, as mentioned above, before sending in the Group add request.

To ALL the members ( the RULES ) :
1. Any kind of misunderstandings in the group is to be discussed with the admins before coming up publicly.
2. If a member misbehaves, uses violent or disturbing words, is warned in the first turn, and Removed from the Group, if Repeated. [And i believe this is just a rule]
3. Posts of the following nature will not be tolerated :
a. Like this if you love Spurs.
b. Like this if you hate ( a certain club )
c. Personal posts, directed to another member in the group.
d. Non-Spurs posts.
e. Advertisements of Facebook pages, other groups, contests, non - Spurs links.
f. Posts, equipped with foul / ill words.
If a member is found with posts of the fore-mentioned nature, he/she will be banned from the group after a second warning has been issued.
4. If anyone finds a post which is not related to, you can comment as '' Warning '' in the post, and tag the Admins.