Stop Spraying in New Brunswick

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Stop Spraying in New Brunswick (SSNB) is a group focused on stopping the spraying of Glyphosate and other herbicides on public land, which includes forest spraying and NB Power spraying in New Brunswick. This includes raising awareness of the harmful effects of Glyphosate on eco-systems and animals in New Brunswick.

TWITTER: @StopSprayingNB )
( lots of information and a DONATION link. PLEASE NOTE: We have NOT been able to find a French speaking volunteer to build/maintain a FRENCH website. There is a link on the home page on that you can click on for more information if you think you can help or know someone.)

If you want to help out in any way please message Caroline Lubbe-D’Arcy or email Caroline at:


1) NEXT PETITION DELIVERY at the LEGISLATURE in Fredericton: Sept.'16.
Download the petition pdf. from 'Files' at the top of our wall, or from the website:

2) NEW ACTION: Call NB Power and tell them that you want to be put on their “Don’t Spray” list. If you have a concern about spraying on an NB Power easement that crosses your property, call her manager Rick Doucet at 470-8748 and they will have a look at it. Once you have been added to this list please email us with your exact location:

Remember, we need this movement to continue to grow, so please be respectful to others.
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