Strictly Supreme Canada

Official SSC Store: - Canada based online boutique selling Supreme, Hood By Air, other street wear brands and sneakers.

Buy-Sell-Trade & Discuss other good things about Supreme.
In this group, we are a community, all the group members should look out for each other. Read the following rules carefully, if you break any of these, I will not hesitate to ban you.
1. All the transactions must be within Canada.
2. No fake, no scam, no bs.
3. No rape. Take your eBay price to somewhere else.
4. When you are writing a selling post, please state the following things clearly: Name, Condition out of 10, BIN, Contact Method.
5. Tag your picture!!!! If you are selling something, take one or several photos of it with a tag. If you are showing off your collection, tag it as well!
6. Max bumps for a single post per day is 3.
7. State clear your post, WTB, WTT, FS, FT

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