Submitted Joy

Welcome to Submitted Joy!

It is very important that you read an...d adhere to the group rules below. Any posts and comments violating group rules will be removed without notice, and may result in you being banned from the group.


1.) PORNOGRAPHY: No exposed breasts, buttcrack, and/or genitalia. This also includes threats of, offers, or actual leaking nudes and/or risque photos of anyone, group members, or not. The ONLY exception to the 'no porn' rule is a nude thread started by an admin of the group. NO child pornography of any type, ever.

2.) GORE/VIOLENCE: No gore allowed, and no excessive violence.

3) SELFIES/LIVE STREAMS: Selfies are limited to one a day. Don't be a fucking attention whore. Live streams must not consist of "still imagery"(sitting in front of the feed contributing nothing of provocation for activity to the stream) nor as a means to loophole around the prohibition of selfies in order to whore attention.

4.) ADVERTISING: No advertising other groups, pages, websites, products, or any other form of social media.

5.) SPAMMING: No spamming. This includes repetitive comments, excessive amounts of posts in a short period of time, excessive comments in a row, shitposting, or tag spam (tagging someone repeatedly for the sake of harassment)

6.) DO NOT REPORT ANYTHING: DO. NOT. REPORT. ANYTHING. Tag and/or contact an admin instead, and your admin team will deal with it accordingly. Reporting anything in the group to Facebook and not the admins of Submitted Joy will result in an immediate and permanent ban from the group.

7.) NO BLOCKING ADMINS/MODERATORS. This may result in immediate ejection.

8.) BEING A PUSSY. Don't be a fucking pussy. No transcending URL to IRL. Phishing links and doxxing also fall under this catagory.

This last part isn't necessarily a rule, but use of the F word that rhymes with Maggot, and the racially-infused N word that ends with "er" are prohibited and will be deleted. These are sure-fire ways to get you Post-Blocked, and have the Facebook's eyes on us, so we will be taking steps to ensure our group stays steadfast.