Summer Strong: 22 Minute Hard Corps

Welcome to the Summer Strong Motivational Group for 22 Minute Ha...rd Corps! This is the FIRST EVER 22 Minute Hard Corps Motivational Group and we are so happy that you're joining us on a mission to get fit!

When this contest kicks off on April 4th, you will be part of an exclusive group eligible to win cash prizes for the best transformations, a #SummerStrong t-shirt for submitting, and the pride of knowing that you’re on your way to having your best Summer ever!

The Summer Strong: 22 Minute Hard Corps group will provide support and accountability as we work through this incredible new program together for the next 60 days. The group will be led by Tony Horton and Carl Daikeler. By combining fitness, nutrition, and peer support and accountability, Summer Strong: 22 Minute Hard Corps will help all of us achieve our health and fitness goals!

Participants who stick with the program and submit their success stories in 60 days will get bragging rights and an exclusive #SummerStrong t-shirt, proving they sculpted their ultimate physique! Plus, cash prizes up to $5,000!

Here are key dates to remember:

4/1 - Take your Before photos before you start your program
4/4 - Summer Strong begins
5/1 - First day to submit your before/after photos and information (links will be provided to group)
5/29 - Summer Strong Contest ends
6/7 - Last Day to Submit Your Before/After photos
6/7-6/14 - Winners selected and notified
6/28 - Winners announced

Link to Submit Before and After Photos:
*Please ensure you have finished the program before you submit your Before/After photos as you are only allowed to enter this contest once!

Good luck and let's #getsome!