Janet Killebrew-Lazo, Fran Costantino and Pat Garcia Streuber invite you to be a part of a friendly group that shares the passion of our native dishes that will guide you through the world of Cuban, Spanish, Italian and Southern traditions, giving you an authentic perspective on all these dishes and other family favorites.

Janet started this site with the help of her friends Fran & Pat.

I was born in Alabama and raised in Tampa and raised on good ole Southern food and there's nothing better than hot cornbread with butter and cold sweet iced tea....THAT'S SOUTHERN YA'LL! Then I married a Cuban and learned how to make traditional Cuban and Spanish dishes from my mother in-law making me a "Cuban Cracker". I also learned how to make many Italian dishes from Italian friends raised in West Tampa, Ybor City and from the regions of Italy. My husband's uncle Gordo Lazo sold deviled crabs in West Tampa neighborhoods and at the cigar factories. As a "FOODIE" I am drawn to good food and simple recipes and it's said "YOU ALWAYS EAT WITH YOUR EYES FIRST"

I started this site with the help of my friend Fran Costantino. Her "FAMIGLIA" are pioneers of Ybor City coming from Santo Stefano, Sicily in 1906. Eventually her family moved to West Tampa. Her passion for family, history and historic preservation brought her back to Ybor City, a National Historic Landmark District, where she works diligently to preserve our history and lives and works there til this day. Fran has a true passion for cooking her native Italian/Sicilian dishes and she loves to cook and feed her family and friends. Italian/Sicilian women truly share a passion for food and is probably why life in Italy and Sicily have always revolved around the kitchen table. Fran has the Sicilian gene and continues those traditions as you can plainly see.

The recipes shared here will tempt you with mouth watering dishes and photos, personal stories of our favorite delicious recipes that have been handed down through our families for generations. Our foods are traditional, authentic and mostly simple. So pull up a chair and have a glass of sweet iced tea or wine and enjoy your visit. Food is a way of bringing family and friends together!

There will also be pictures of food posted from Cuban/Spanish/Italian/Southern restaurants that we have visited and ones that we would like to visit to share with all members. Please post yours as well.

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