Tarlach Server

A Facebook group for all members of the Tarlach server of Mabinogi NA.

Active admins:
Josh, Jenny Kim, Jessica Walsh, Kristen Knust, Brown Fox, Gray Fox

Other pages:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TarlachOfficial
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TarlachServer

Don't post anything that is willingly inflammatory, or aimed to blatantly insult, defame, bully or mock someone.
Please refrain from posting about political, ideological or religious matters, as those are sensitive topics that frequently start fights.
Solve your conflicts privately, as there is no need to involve the community in such matters.

Don't flood.
Don't advertise your IRL private business.
Don't post or direct link to explicit pornography or obscene material (such as gore).
Don't advertise or otherwise share hacks or hacking tools of any kind.
Bland client modifications (like Tiara) are allowed.
Don't share ways to abuse or exploit any harmful or bannable bugs/glitches.
Don't share links that lead to malwares of any kind.
Posts containing material unrelated to Mabinogi and the community are allowed, granted that you don't post such material so frequently that it floods the group.

Scamming is absolutely forbidden.
Selling/buying in-game items and requesting/offering in-game services is allowed. Please limit the number of your single advertisement posts to a maximum of 3 a week.
Creating selling lists in the group docs is allowed.
Selling and buying games accounts is allowed.
Selling and buying NX is allowed.
Selling gold for money is not allowed.

If you come to the conclusion that somebody is using this group as a means of scamming, please contact the administrators PRIVATELY and present solid proof to your claims.
Refrain from posting scam accusations in public, as claims that haven't been thoroughly inspected are considered defaming, thus violating rule #1.

Any post violating these rules will be purged, and the poster will be warned.
Each user gets two warnings. At the third infraction, the transgressor will be kicked temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity of their infractions and on their past history.
Exceptions can be made if a user commits any of the following infractions:
-Purposely breaking rules
-Knowingly instigating drama
-Sharing hacks
-Sharing malware

For inquiries, please contact the administrators.