Team Instinct Hawaii PKMNGO

Hello, and welcome to the world of Pokémon GO.

Fellow Team Ins...tinct members can gather here to chat about anything and everything related to Pokémon GO.

How to Join Our Community:
As soon as you're approved, please post a screen shot of your stats making sure your player name is clearly visible.
This is to verify your allegiance to Team Instinct (aka Team Yellow). You must also provide something on your profile to prove that you are indeed in the beautiful state of Hawai'i.

Simply, don't be a jerk. Use your common sense. Please keep profanity to a minimum and be kind to other members. Posts deemed unnecessary will be deleted. Don't post personal information of others (or yourself) because this is a public page. As much as we love spam in a can, please keep our page free of it! Members being uncivilized will be warned. Repeat offenders will be banned. Cheaters will also be booted. We're all here to enjoy the magic of Pokémon GO!

Safety Tips:
Try to travel in groups of three or more. Your safety should be your number one concern! Use crosswalks, don't trespass, and remember to pick up after yourself. Hunting at night? Be sure to be visible! Glow in the dark bracelets or reflective belts are a great accessory (albeit not the most attractive, lol). Use your common sense!

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We are not affiliated with the creators of Pokémon GO. We also hope you're not dumb enough to play Pokémon GO while operating heavy machinery of any sort. Please don't do anything stupid while playing. Be mindful of your surroundings. A game is not worth your life!