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WELCOME!!!!! We are glad to have you! We are a active Fan Group ...loyal to the Team Penske racing organization. We cover Sprint Cup, Indy and Xfinity as well as Brad Keselowski Racing Team. We will provide you the latest news on Penske as well as Rules and happenings with Nascar. Join us in our "Online Stands" on Race day!

If you are joining a group for the first time, these are basic but strict do's and do nots.:

-Have FUN!! Get to know one another we are all family and Penske Proud!
-Write Administrators with CONCERNS.
If you have any questions or comments please message me(Sarah Brown) or Wilma Foland and we will try our best to answer any questions.

-No Bashing any Members or Drivers!
- NO Foul Language please be respectful.

Please do not Advertise or spam.
**Anyone who violates the rules will be banned.**

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