The Galactic Empire (Star Wars)

This group is for Star Wars fans, period. You're here and that ...means you're a fan.
Most anything is allowed except the following:
1. Post should be Star Wars related.
2. No personal attacks, if you have to insult someone you've lost the debate.
3. Any pictures that show nudity. Leia slave outfits should be about as risqué as it gets. 1st violation will result in a warning, repeated violations will result in being banned. Depending on the picture immediate ban without warning is possible.
4. Most of us are adults, please act like it. If someone annoys you or something, don't make a post complaining about it, block that user.
5. No political posts.
6. Do not spam the group with links to other groups. Occasionally posting these links is fine. No more than once every couple of days at most though.
7. Sales posts are not allowed without admin approval for each instance. All posts will be immediately removed. Repeat violations will result in a ban.
8. Spoilers are welcome as long as you label as spoilers and do not mention the spoiler in the initial post or link. Only discuss the details of posted spoilers in replies to the original post.