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Meanwhile, keep living a life free of fraud and corruption.

(1) To introduce students to the concept of team work and its applicability in the Aviation sector
(2) To introduce students to the concept of safety in Aviation Industry
(3) To take students through the rudiments of Aviation: Aviation environment, the aircraft itself, the airport, the ramps and hangars, the history of aviation
(4) To encourage students to embrace STEM education
(5) To raise quality leaders who will man the Aviation Ministries and Industries in the nearest future and make the needed positive change in the aviation industry within and outside of Nigeria
(6) To leave a legacy for the generations yet unborn that it is possible to achieve greatness without being dubious and fraudulent.

The page is designed for students and youths of all backgrounds. They may have some familiarity with aircraft and aviation or perhaps they have only seen aircraft flying overhead. It is to encourage interest and appreciation for aviation; explore the history of flight and uncover the mysteries of airplane and helicopter flight and the basics of aerodynamics. Students will learn about the evolution of aircraft and their designs, engines, instruments, and aircraft systems. Meteorology, air traffic control, and variety of aviation and aerospace career options are also covered.