The Africans TV Associazione O.N.L.U.S. Italy

The Africans Tv Associazione an Entertainment Industry here in Italy, and also renders social servies with other organizzation, Associations, in and outside Italy, Companies or Fabricals, both In and Outside Italy Embassies, Information Center ( Centro di acconglieza), Sport Activities, tourism, inviting artist of national and international for live music and hospitality, Maniestation, Help for less priviledge for both in and outside Italy, organizzing event for Talented Immigrants living in Italy or outside and Italians all over Italy.

Production of English movies in Italy and other part of the world and African. Organizzing Africans and Italians Carnivals.

The Africans TV Ass. onlus also present news, from around the glob concerning things that are happening , models, actress pictures around the world , fAfricans movies, Italians movies , Americans movies e. t.. c.