The Gay MaleZone

**NEWLY UPDATED GROUP RULES** (UPDATED, as of 05/16/2016) Welcom...e to this great group called, "The Gay MaleZone" group for Gay men only! We must all follow Facebook Community Standards!!
You must be 18 +,(No underage allowed) **WE ALL MUST FOLLOW FACEBOOK RULES**!! ( ) "NO Sharing or Tagging" pics from this group! This is a growing group is for equality, same sex marriage for only gay men only! Only personal ads are ok accepted in this group, but the personal ads must be within our guidelines, meaning it must briefly say what your looking for, give your age, etc..Don't give out any of your personal info., like phone numbers, you can give your email, or have them inbox you! Make it simple is all I ask..But I want it to be for "Equality" also as well as a dating group for gay, bi, or whatever.. For Gay Men Only! But it must be within our group or FB guidelines
Any member or admins., can post gay pride pics, hot, sexy men pics/posting, but No nudity, no genitals, no full butt, no sex acts (real or simulated)
Please keep in mind for your own protection, No posting of your personal information, phone numbers, addresses, etc., especially in your ad, or in the comments area underneath the ad..Do that in private message or you can give out your email or FB inbox only!
**No fighting or bullying" in this group, or you will be banned/removed from this group imminently! You can post anything related to Gay Pride pics, gay news, personal ads, selfies are ok with a personal ad, or greeting, etc..**Please keep in mind, lets not make this a hookup type group! But please keep in mind,**(Absolutely, No Genitalia!!)** You can also post sexy men pictures! But I prefer this group to lean more towards Equality issues or pics!
If you have any questions, concerns, comments about this type a group, you can contact me, or our admins team below:

Owner/Admins~Derik Williams/Derik Eads
Administrator~Lawrence Turner/Jody Turner
Administrator~Sanjay Tango
Administrator~Ron Gowans-Savage/Robin Hartz
Administrator~Peter Speelman
Administrator~Alexander Joshua Strauss
Administrator~Brian J Edwards/Brian Edwards

Thanks, for your participation as we appreciate, or value our good members, enjoy this group! xoxo :)