The Guinea Pig Pin

This site is for guinea pig owners or future owners.
Please feel free to post photos of your beautiful piggies or ask questions you need answered!

1. There will be NO drama.
2. Be respectful. If you see something wrong with a pig only a few people need to inform the owner. There is no need for +20 plus people to comment saying the same thing over and over.
3. We don't mind soliciting, but please only post every 3 days, no bumping in between those times.
4. NO blocking ANY admins, You will be removed.

-If you have a problem with something you see please contact one of the admins.

If you can not follow theses rules you will receive a message saying what rule you broke and your comments/post will be deleted. If broken again you will be deleted from the group. Please keep this a fun, drama free group!!

Admin: Kole Todd.