The Launch Suite

The Launch Suite helps online entrepren...eurs execute perfectly positioned high 6 and 7 figure software launches.

We believe in creating an inner circle that supports each other to grow and evolve our businesses beyond these levels. In turn, we as "one" help contribute by being a solution and a value add to our entire community.

This closed group is exclusive to our community only.

This is a place where we can mastermind, ask and receive feedback, support each other's ideas and gain valuable insights to our projects and business needs as the come up.

Plus, the cool part is we can have fun kickin it and building those critical key relationships that are the absolute lifeline to our success!

3 Simple Rules of The Group:

#1. No spamming and no obvious promotions.

We want to focus on conversations, value,
contributions and resources. With that in mind
if you need feedback on a capture page or video that's fine. We just ask that you be cool about it and don't drop launch promotions on the group.

2. "Cool Kids Inner Circle". We want this to grow, so who do you know that you can add or suggest we add to the group that can provide value in exchange for being a member?

3. This is crucial 'Be Yourself'. We want to get
to know everyone better, and for this group to
have active participation. We want you to reach
out ask for help. Contribute. Have a blast. This
way everyone can really get to know each other
better and businesses can flourish as a result.

Have a great time.

We're all in this together...and it takes a team.

Welcome ;)

Chad, Matt, Michelle & Craig