The NMA (Network Marketing Academy)

Welcome! Thank you for joining us. The Network Marketing Academy... is a membership Community for like-minded network marketers who are looking for a fresh, down to earth approach to Network Marketing / MLM based on real people living real lives. Through sharing ideas, learning from each other, collaboration, support and encouragement, this is the place where the hype and struggle are left behind and sustainable, thriving, businesses evolve. Where YOU, your skills, experience, personality and personal values are at the centre. Creating strong, independent businesses leading to stable and sustainable organisations by working in a realistic way that works for you… not just your upline (It’s your business, not theirs :-) ).

The Network Marketing Academy and group is still in its early days so watch this space as we evolve and grow! Your feedback, thoughts and ideas are always welcome.

Members are welcome from all Network Marketing backgrounds and all levels of experience. This community will grow quickly and one of our NMA values is that everyone in this group has an equal status, regardless of experience and position within network marketing, we all have something to bring to the community.

Please note that this is a strictly recruitment- and selling-free zone…

We have chosen the ‘closed group’ status so that Network Marketing Academy members can feel comfortable to participate and contribute. New members are always welcome so do share the group with other NMers and invite people to join using the button at the top right of the page. (NB people are joined automatically when you invite them so do make sure they have expressed an interest in joining!). If have any queries about the NMA or this group, please do message me.

We hope that you enjoy The Network Marketing Academy. Let’s celebrate our differences and grow strong through collaboration not competition.