The Prayer Man

This is a God centered ministry focusing on the power of the Cre...ator of everything that is; and that ever will be; to save, heal, bless and restore into perfect fellowship with Himself through the Sacrifice, Blood, and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Regeneration and Sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.
Once our inner filthy rags of sin are washed whiter than snow ( Isaiah chapter 1) by being Born again or by repentance of our on going sin, then we are able to enter the Throne of Grace of the All Mighty God through prayer and ask the God of Glory through The Name of Jesus to help us in our needs.
It is my desire to assist those who wish to seek out God for salvation or to reconnect with the one who died for your sins. I'm not a healer, I don't want your money, and most importantly...I don't have all the answers.
However, what I can do is be honest with you and do the best I can to give you scripture and help; and most importantly; I will pray for you, your needs and your situation. And I will ask all other members to do the same so that the power or prayer will move the Throne of POWER!!!