'The Southampton Witches'

This a group for Witches in and around the SOUTHAMPTON UK area.

(We do tag you in our opening welcome, if you prefer not to be tagged please message an admin with your join request)

The aim of this group is to provide a network and link to like minded people wanting to explore, learn more and share knowledge and ideas, also to participate in rituals and moots.

People from anywhere else in the world will be accepted to join, but advertising for things not in the area or even in the UK are not really very useful so try and keep them to a minimum please.

In this group you can chat about anything (vaguely) Witchy related, advertise anything (vaguely) Witchy related, post anything (vaguely) Witchy related.

By vaguely related I mean topics such as:
And actually it's quite a long list but you get the idea, no spam advertising please.

Please check out my website too: www.thewitchesshop.com

Our moots are: Every 3rd Thursday, at Chi Coffee in Portsmouth 7.30pm start.
Every 4th Thursday, at The Hobbit in Southampton 7.15pm start

Full Moon rituals will be held every month at different places.

Please invite your friends from the Southampton area to join the group too.

I am not really one for strict rules but nonsense will not be tolerated so no abuse please to anyone ever!
Please under no circumstances give out other members phone numbers to anyone and also be aware to check your own privacy settings on facebook too.
The rules are as follows:
No abuse
No stalking
No harassing
No negativity
No bullshit
No nonsense
No assholes
No black Magic
No racism
No bullying
No sexism
No ageism

Love and Light
Rebecca )O(