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Welcome! You have arrived at the Theme... Park Simulation Games Facebook group! Please read this:
This is a community page about Roller Coaster and theme park related gaming and simulation software. We are not associated with any of the developers.

Before you share your awesome post with this community there are a few things you need to know before you post. We wanted to stress that this group is about engaging and talking about your favorite franchise with fellow enthusiasts and NOT a place to spread hatred towards the development of a certain franchise and or game.

Everyone is allowed to post theme park related material either to do with games or otherwise factual...

Also feel free to speak about your views.... We are all human and have different opinions ... Let's respect each other from this day forth.

Follow these simple steps and enjoy the group!

1) Treat each other with respect. We are all gamers, and fans.

2) Keep your post topics appropriate to the group. While we wait for the release of a certain game, we’re pretty open about what you share, within reason. Post on the topics of theme parks, attractions and gaming in general are welcome. Posts about religion, politics, and similar controversial topics are not allowed. Those who post explicit material will be permanently banned.

3) Spam, flame wars, and personal attacks will result a warning. If you’re getting upset, walk away for a bit.

4) Posts or comments that are deleted will be followed up with a quick message as to why this post was deleted. You may plead your case once, however, admins still reserve the right to keep a post or comment deleted.

5) If you are removed from the group, take a breather. If you wish to return, feel free to request a re-add. Repeated offences, however, will result in a permanent ban.

6) Members who share cracked or pirated software or request cracked games will be given one warning and no explanation for post removal. After that, members will be banned. Piracy hinders development and endangers developers. Thanks for understanding.

The goal here is to foster a community environment where we can all enjoy ourselves, not to moderate with an iron fist. The power to create a healthy community is in YOUR hands, as much as ours. Treat fellow members the way you want to be treated.

WELCOME ABOARD! Enjoy your stay!

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