CivSoc - The University of Nottingham Civil Engineering Society

Welcome to the official University of Nottingham CivSoc Facebook page.

The society consists of three main aspects industry, socials and sports.

Industry involves ICE, site visits and talks. Big trip this year was to the Olympic Park.

Social events are to meet others on your course and around the Uni. Campus 2x7 after Easter, Christmas ball with Nurse Soc and the highlight this year a Booze Cruse with Sociology.

Sports teams (football, netball), sport tournaments. Last year we came 1st and 2nd in the society football league 1st and 2nd semester respectively, and hoping to keep this legacy alive. Training and games on Wednesdays at the sports centre.

Remember to grab your membership cards as this can be used at pubs and clubs for members exclusive deals.

Sign up at Freshers Fair to find what we’re about and become a member.

Cheers, CivSoc Committee