Accepted at University of Toronto, Class of 2017

If you are attending the University of Toronto (ANY CAMPUS!) this coming September as the class of 2017, JOIN THIS GROUP!

Here you can meet, match schedules, and mingle with those of the same school year!

Here are some links here that will hopefully help you out throughout the year.

Please feel free to invite anyone joining our school this September to the group. Thanks, CLASS OF 2017!

Useful Links:

Accepted at UofT, Class of 2017 Page:

Where are the engineers at?
UofT SKULE Engineering, Class of 2017 Page:

UToronto Website:

ROSI (Student Account/Repository of Grades/Financial Balances)


U of T Clubbing Events:

Used Books! (Save some $$$)

Meal Plans:


GPA Calculator:

UTM Facebook Group:

UTSC Facebook Group:

OSAP - Ontario Student Loans

The Varsity - UofT Student Newspaper


New College:

University College:

Woodsworth College:

Innis College:

St. Michael's College

Victoria College

Trinity College:


UToronto Campus Groups:

Wyle Lyfe - UofT Club Nights / Free Movies

Cinema Studies Student Union (CINSSU)

Intramural Sports (St.George)

Intramural Sports (Mississauga)

Intramural Sports (Scarborough)

Hart House Student Clubs:


*Not recognized by UofT

Greeks @ U of T:

*This is NOT an official University of Toronto group. This is simply a group to appreciate and bring together students of the 2017 school year and bring out everyones school spirit!