You know you're from Visalia when...

Ok, so I stole the idea from a Fresno group, but come on, Visalia deserves one too!

You have to explain to friends from out of town what animal a "Tri-tip" comes from.

You think salsa goes on everything.

Your white, but eat Jalepenos anyway.

Your out-of-town friends start to visit after October, but clear out before the end of April.

You were excited when Visalia got it's first Starbucks and can't belive we have a Panda Express now.

You know a swamp cooler is not a happy hour drink.

People break out coats and uggs when the temperature drops below 70.

The pool can be warmer than you are.

You realize that Valley Fever isn't a disco dance.

You you know what "Cruising" is, and have done it on mooney Blvd for Saturday night fun.

Driving across town seems so far away.

You drive just as fast on a sunny day in June as a foggy day in December.

The whole town shuts down at 11:00.

You Drive a truck and so does your grandma.

You know where "the cliffs" are, and go there to jump at least once a summer.

You drive to Fresno for a night out on the town.

Someone from out-of-town talks about how foggy it is and you tell them, "Just wait."

You know at least 5 different routes through neighborhoods and parking lots to a destination just to avoid Mooney.

You swear there was an orchard there last week, where now there are houses.

You avoid the North Side unless you want Thai food.

Running from the police consists of hiding in an Orange Orchard.

You know what 4-H is.

Your teachers remember when they taught your parents.

You have "foggy" school days instead of Snow Days.

You classify people by which highschool they go to.

The Cowhide is still the biggest event of the year.

When people ask what city your from, you say one near Fresno because you don't think they'll know where Visalia is.

You have Asthma and bad Allergies.

You wanted to be best friends with whoever had a ski boat they could take to Lake Kaweah.

You know the best parking place is determined by shade instead of distance.

You can say 115 degrees without fainting.

It's a good day when the air quality is only Moderately Severe.

A 1 million dollar home is still pretty big and fancy.

You can go cow tipping in more than one location.

A "night" on the town takes only 20 minutes.

You go to Downtown Main street on a Saturday night, even though you know theres nothing to do there.

You drive all the way to Pismo Beach for some decent Clam Chowder.

You Brag that Kevin Costner grew up in Visalia to try to make Visalia sound more interesting.

You swore you would never move back to Visalia after you left for College, but find yourself being pulled back into the blackhole anyway.

You've celebrated at least one birthday at RollerTowne!

You never went to "Oh Wow! Nickel arcade" but always secretly wanted to.

You were sad that they shut down the Drive In Movie theatre even though you never went you liked having the option and telling people that Visalia had one of the four working Drive In Movie theatres in California

You've never ridden the Trolley but you see it every time you go down town

You've heard stories or told stories about the "Haunted Theatres" in Visalia

You wonder what happened to the Corn Maze

You play Commando and have had the cops called on you at least once while running through the backyard of a total stranger

You know that "the VP" in Visalia does not have anything to do with someone who holds a political position.

You take days off of school when the Farm Show and the Tulare County fair are going on

You've never known anyone to fly out of the Visalia Airport.

You know that Green Akers is more than just an old TV show

You know what "Sober Grad" is and you've gone to at least one, even if you weren't "sober"

You know what "The Lakes" are, and consider it an elite club that you will never be invited to join. So what if your neighbors use their front yard for old cars and an extra sofa. Besides, the last time someone got shot in your neighborhood was over 3 weeks ago.

Your parents wanted you to go to CVC but couldn't get you in because you have brown hair.

You once waited an hour and a half to be seated at The Olive Garden.
PS..Tulare and Exeter can Join too.