"Thou shalt not have any Gods before me" means to me that no per...son..place...or thing should be head of our lives...nothing except for the Almighty God..we should rely on Him for all our needs what ever they may be...running to something else other than God shows our lack of trust that He is the one and only God..Some people worship their job..other people..material things...food....drugs all are forms of idol worship...we have to remember God created all things so if we have food to eat he made that possible...if we have a job He also made that possible..if we are living and breathing He also made that possible. EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS:...My valued fb friend, If you don't wanna be receiving frequent email notifications/messages every minute in your email inbox, just click on 'EDIT SETTINGS' at the top right of this page and de-select(click empty) email box; to stop receiving email notifications from this group, and click 'save' when you done.